Hi, I’m Vicky Derksen.

I’m a writer, educator, podcaster, and Dark Sky advocate and I love nature and the night sky.

I’m here to help you discover the night sky in a whole new way.

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7 Autumn Constellations You Should Know

7 Autumn Constellations You Should Know

The best way to learn the constellations is to learn a few at a time each season. Once you identify these seven, you’ll easily spot them again next summer, and then you can add a few more each year....

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Spend this Labor Day under the Stars

Spend this Labor Day under the Stars

It is a great year to take advantage of the recommendations to stay home over the Labor Day weekend by spending it under the stars. The early evening sky will be moonless, providing ideal stargazing...

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September New Moon 2021

September New Moon 2021

September 8 marks the next New Moon of 2021. Night Sky Tourist has claimed 2021 as our Year of the Moon, and we plan to learn all about our nearest celestial neighbor. Here are the Moon phases for...

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Star Gazing over city

Don’t Miss These Great Stargazing Opportunities this Year!

When is the next meteor shower? Can I see Jupiter or Saturn? What constellations can I see this month? This guide will take you across the night sky month-by-month so you don’t miss a thing! Great for telescope viewing and naked-eye stargazers.

Things to See in the Night Sky 2021

Vicky’s Top 10 Places to Visit in the American Southwest

1. Joshua Tree National Park

Two distinct ecosystems converge for stunning landscapes under preserved dark skies.

2. Saguaro National Park

See the native saguaro cactus against the beautiful dark skies outside of Tucson.

3. Kodachrome Basin State Park

A dramatic landscape of 67 rocky spires under pristine dark skies.

The Milky Way

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