July 9 marks the next New Moon of 2021. Night Sky Tourist has claimed 2021 as our Year of the Moon and we plan to learn all about our nearest celestial neighbor.

Here are the Moon phases for July:

July 1: Third Quarter

July 9: New Moon

July 17: First Quarter

July 23: Full Moon

July 31: Third Quarter

As summer heats up in July, male deer finish growing their newly sprouted, velvety antlers. July’s Full Buck Moon is named after these magnificent racks.

Summer is an important time of year for farmers. Midsummer is the time for cutting and curing hay to put away for winter feed, leading to the name of the Full Hay Moon.

July is also the month when thunderstorms are most frequent, so this month’s full moon is sometimes called the Full Thunder Moon.

There are some fascinating folklore ideas about the Moon when it comes to gathering food. They say the best time for fishing is between the New and Full Moon. You should dig up your horseradish during a Full Moon for the best flavor. And you should set your eggs to hatch on the Moon’s increase, but not if a South wind blows.

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