Night Sky Tourist Podcast

You are invited to take a journey with us as we chat with fascinating people about the night sky, get our questions answered by Ted Blank, a NASA Solar System Ambassador, and take a naked-eye tour across the night sky.

Discover the wonder of the night sky from your own backyard, travel to a dark sky location, and listen to the star stories of other cultures and civilizations. Night Sky Tourist helps the entire family connect with nature by engaging with the stars, moon, and planets.

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Episode 18: Create a Backyard Stargazing Oasis

We chat with Mark Derksen, my husband, about creating a stargazing oasis in your own backyard. Mark is a Dark Sky Lighting expert and he gives some great tips on how to choose the right kind of lighting for your stargazing space to provide safety while also protecting...

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Episode 14: Art in the Night Sky with Syahirah Nazarudin

We travel to Malaysia to chat with Syahirah Nazarudin, a school teacher, dark sky advocate, and space artist. We discuss the emotional aspect of stargazing and how the arts can connect us with the night sky in a unique way. Syahirah (pronounced Shuh-hee-ruh) and I met...

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Episode 13: The Changing Night Sky with Josh Dury

Josh Dury chats with us from Bristol, Englan about how the night sky is changing and shares some great astrotourism tips for anyone who is interested in planning a trip to the UK. He uses his skills as a photographer, filmmaker, conservationist, and speaker to help...

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Episode 12: Dark Skies in Switzerland with Lukas Schuler

Lukas Schuler is the President of Dark Sky Switzerland and an Advocate with the International Dark Sky Association. Lukas joins me to talk about dark sky preservation efforts in his home country and we talk about great places you can visit if you want to experience a...

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Episode 10: Spring Equinox Special

Our Spring Equinox Special brings to you several great spring celebrations and traditions from around the world, both ancient and modern. While each culture has its unique rituals and ways of viewing the Spring Equinox, there are often similarities between them, too....

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Episode 8: Equity in Nature with Dudley Edmondson

Dudley Edmondson is a nature advocate, author, photographer, and public speaker. In this episode of the Night Sky Tourist podcast, we discuss the importance of getting kids outdoors and the impact that time in nature can have in their lives. We also tackle the subject...

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Episode 7: Flagstaff, Arizona

In this episode, we take a trip to Flagstaff, Arizona, the world’s first International Dark Sky Community. It is the home of Lowell Observatory where Pluto was discovered in 1930. This is our introduction to AstroTourism. Flagstaff also offers great daytime...

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Episode 6: Cosmic Calendars with Julie Wilder

Our guest in this episode is Julie Wilder, founder and owner of Spiral Spectrum. Julie creates unique cosmic calendars, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. She has combined her intense interest in the night sky with her incredible artistic talent to produce a...

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Episode 5: Cultural Astronomy with Luke Edens

Our guest in this episode is Luke Edens, the Vice President of the Phoenix Chapter of the International Dark Sky Association. He is also involved in a group called Southwest Cultural Astronomy and he joins us to discuss the topic of cultural astronomy. What is it?...

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Episode 4: Wildlife and Light Pollution with Amy Burnett

Our guest in this episode is Ranger Amy Burnett, a wildlife expert with the Arizona Game and Fish. She is well-loved in her community for rescuing injured and sick wild animals from people’s yards, for her lively presentations that include live animals, and for her...

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Episode 3: Winter Solstice Special

In episode 3 of the Night Sky Tourst, members of the Fountain Hills Dark Sky Association in Arizona join us for a Winter Solstice special. They share ancient cultural tales of this significant seasonal observance and will take you on a journey around the world to...

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Episode 2: Lights Out with Marsha Diane Arnold

In episode 2 of Night Sky Tourist podcast, Marsha Diane Arnold joins us. She is an award-winning children’s book author of more than 20 books. Her most recent book, Lights Out!, introduces the concept of light pollution to young readers in a gentle and beautiful way...

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Episode 1: NASA Solar System Ambassador, Ted Blank

In our first episode of the Night Sky Tourist podcast, Ted Blank, a NASA Solar System Ambassador, shares how he got involved with astronomy and dark sky preservation and encourages young people to chase after the stars, whether in their backyard or as a career. Ted...

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ANNOUNCING: Night Sky Tourist Podcast

The Night Sky Tourist website entered the world nearly a year ago on November 16, 2019. It’s been a tremendous year. I’ve been able to share a lot of great content with readers here on this blog, wrote for other publications, was an invited speaking guest for groups...

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