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Take a journey with me to discover fascinating night sky destinations, explore cultural star stories, learn about protecting our dark skies, and take guided naked-eye tours across the night sky.

Discover the wonder of the night sky from your own backyard, travel to a dark sky location, and listen to the star stories of other cultures and civilizations. Night Sky Tourist helps the entire family connect with nature by engaging with the stars, moon, and planets.

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Episode 55- When March 25 was America’s New Year

In ancient times, nobody celebrated the New Year on January 1, or any other random day of the year. New Year’s Day was attached to an astronomically significant day, like the Spring Equinox or the Winter Solstice. In this episode, I take you back in time to follow the...

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Episode 52- Fireflies and Starlight with Ben Pfeiffer

Fireflies are magical and mesmerizing. Yet researchers have been telling us that their populations are dwindling. So I chatted with Ben Pfeiffer, founder of the website, to learn more about what’s causing this problem and what we can do to solve it. Many...

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Episode 51- Celestial Origins of Halloween

Our first-ever Halloween special will take you back in time to the origins of the spooky holiday. We’re going to discover the astronomical connection to the timing of Halloween and how it led to some of the traditions associated with it.  LINKS IN THIS EPISODE Why...

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Episode 50- Montana: A Stargazing Oasis

Montana is home to some of the largest areas of pristinely dark skies in the country. It’s not known as “Big Sky Country” for nothing. Lynn Powers, the president of the Southwest Montana Astronomical Society, joins us to share about great locations in Montana to see...

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Episode 47- How to Create an Epic Stargazing Experience

Have you had a chance to make any great stargazing memories? In this episode, I share tips for protecting your night vision, gadgets to enhance your stargazing experiences, and ideas to add more fun for the whole family.   LINKS IN THIS EPISODE Things to See in the...

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Episode 43- Let There be Night with Paul Bogard

Paul Bogard chats with me about his book The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light. He is also the author of The Ground Beneath Us: From the Oldest Cities to the Last Wilderness, What Dirt Tells Us About Who We Are. His most recent...

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Episode 42- Skyglow Project with Harun Mehmedinovic

Harun Memedinovic is one of the founders of Skyglow Project. In this episode, we chat about our shared love for dark sky advocacy and how Harun uses his photography skills to bring attention to the issue of light pollution, or skyglow. Harun is an award-winning...

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