September 8 marks the next New Moon of 2021. Night Sky Tourist has claimed 2021 as our Year of the Moon, and we plan to learn all about our nearest celestial neighbor.

Here are the Moon phases for September:

September 6: New Moon

September 13: First Quarter

September 20: Full Moon

September 28: Third Quarter

Many indigenous peoples knew the Full Moon of September as the Harvest Moon. The Full Moon that occurs closes to the Fall Equinox gets the name of Harvest Moon. Unlike other Full Moons, this one rises at the same time for several nights in a row, right around sunset.

If the October Full Moon were to occur closer the the Fall Equinox, then the September’s would be called the Corn Moon.

The various indigenous tribe gave the September Full Moon other names, too. All of them related to the beginning of Fall: Autumn Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Leaves Turning Moon, Moon of Brown Leaves, and Yellow Leaf Moon.
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