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Take a journey with me to discover fascinating night sky destinations, explore cultural star stories, learn about protecting our dark skies, and take guided naked-eye tours across the night sky.

Discover the wonder of the night sky from your own backyard, travel to a dark sky location, and listen to the star stories of other cultures and civilizations. Night Sky Tourist helps the entire family connect with nature by engaging with the stars, moon, and planets.

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Episode 98- Ojibwe Star Culture with Carl Gawboy

Carl Gawboy shares his Ojibwe star culture, growing up Ojibwe in northern Minnesota, and his remarkable pictograph discoveries at Hegman Lake. These pictographs depict Ojibwe constellations, and Carl shares how the stories he heard from his father as a child helped...

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Episode 89- Taurus, the Bull of Heaven

Taurus is straight up overhead in February, and it’s full of fun little surprises. There are also some great cultural star stories related to it that I share in this episode. Get ready for some fun stargazing and storytelling.        CHECK OUT THESE...

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Episode 87- Meet the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters

In this episode, I introduce you to a really important but tiny group of stars in the Winter sky called the Pleiades. Many people mistake it as the Little Dipper, but it’s actually a really cool star cluster that has a lot of significance for cultures all around the...

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Episode 86- Tour of the Circumpolar Constellations

We’re taking a tour of the Northern night sky to identify the North Star and get to know the nearby constellations that circle it, also known as the Circumpolar Constellations. I’ll also share the Greek story of Ursa Major and introduce you to how other cultures saw...

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Episode 83- Winter Solstice Special 2023

Throughout human history, the Winter Solstice has probably been the most important and most celebrated time of the year, no matter who you were or where you lived. Discover some fascinating Winter traditions from around the world.        CHECK OUT...

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Episode 82- Andromeda’s Star Story from the Greeks

In this star tour of the night sky, you’ll learn a bit about the Geminids Meteor Shower that peaks this week and learn about the Greek story of Andromeda, Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Perseus, and Poseidon. I also share recommendations with you for a stargazing app and my...

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Episode 80- Jupiter, King of the Planets

In this episode, we take a stargazing tour across the night sky. While we’re at it, we’re going to spend some time getting to know Jupiter, also known as the King of the Planets.    CHECK OUT THESE LINKS FROM EPISODE 80: “Build a Backyard Compass with Seasonal...

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Episode 79- OptOutside for Black Friday

Night Sky Tourist loves the #OptOutside movement! I’ve got some fun ideas for you to craft your own OptOutside experience under the stars.    CHECK OUT THESE LINKS FROM EPISODE 79: REI #OptOutisde: ...

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